‘Portfolio working’ – an alternative working style

In a time of world recession and economic troubles we need to be flexible and embrace change. Having worked in the creative and media industries for a few years now my work has gradually and developed into a portfolio of work, roles and projects and I love it. This was an organic process but has led to some really nourishing and fulfilling work.

My work includes marketing management for a creative SME in the TV industry, creative arts production, performing my own cabaret act, acting and voice over, associate in training for a training company, and the occasional bit of freelance proofreading for a publisher.

I don’t want to sound like a confused individual, so believe me all these areas are connected and work together in unison very well. As many of you out there this kind of work can be stressful, risky and you must be able to multi-tasking, but the important part of portfolio working is to make it work for you, and learn when to say ‘no’.

In the current economic climate ‘freelancers’ have taken a hit. There have been recent periods of ‘not working’. But I can honestly say that the best thing to do is try to stay motivated. Make your own opportunities to build on your own personal career development. Study something, learn a new skill. This can only work in your favour.

This blogging profile will aim to offer thoughts, tips, rants and raves on the subject of portfolio working, let’s keep in touch.

Things to read for inspiration:

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers

Funding for career-related courses:

Career Development Loans with Barclays or the Cooperative bank.

An Open University definition of Portfolio Working:


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