Julia Cameron’s tips for anyone short of time

Working with such a range of roles and contracts can often make it seem that we are short of time for ourselves. This is common even for those who are not directly portfolio workers.  An exercise taken from Julia Cameron’s The Sound of Paper is a great way of taking stock of this situation.

She suggests:

Take pen [and paper] in hand and number from 1 to 10. List ten activities that you would enjoy but tell yourself you have no time for.  Don’t these neglected possibilities sound self-nurturing? They are, of course, and that is why we need to find the time to do them. Select one self0-nurturing action from your list. Make the time to execute it.

I will try this exercise and report back. If you the reader do it, I’d love to hear from you. See how its working for you.

Julia’s book can be found on Amazon.co.uk

You know you are a portfolio worker when…

1. A verbal description of what you do unintentionally sounds like an elevator pitch

2. Tiredness takes it’s toll in the post lunch black trough

3. You find your weekly social schedule has become an ongoing networking event

4. You have a loyalty voucher for Vistaprint or Moocards

5. Your wallet/purse is full of travel receipts

6. You begin to use Tipp-Ex on a regular basis in your diary (if you don’t yet trust your smart phone).

7. You insist on print outs of your Oyster usage

8. Your hairdryer is plugged into the lounge socket so as not to wake your partner so early

9. You can’t fit any more into your working week without using matchsticks keep your eyelids open

10. You buy your next year Filofax refill in September and you don’t work in Academia (see above for reference to not putting complete faith in Smart phone batteries).

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