Portfolio Profile: Divian Ladwa

Dear Readers,

I have collected a series of interviews from other portfolio working friends which I trust will be of interest and inspiration for your own creative portfolio plans. The first is from talented actor and creative film maker Divian Ladwa. Enjoy! xx

Divian Ladwa

Please describe your average working day/week. As an actor, I may be working with a theatre company or working as an assistant stage combat instructor. If not, I will be working on a script or a concept I wish to film myself. Recruiting the actors, sourcing locations, planning the shoot, shooting, editing, basic colour correcting. The entire process of filmmaking scaled down to one person. I also edit showreels for actors and have started making videos/films for clients to use promotionally or for other purposes.

As an actor: Truthful.

As a character actor: Versatile.

As a Filmmaker: The Be-bop revolution in filmmaking.

What do you love most about this type or work? What motivates you?
It would have to be the love I feel when I sit and watch a well made film that I get wrapped into and wish I could create what the actor or the director has produced. It has been this way for as long as I can remember.

What are the biggest challenges facing you as a portfolio worker? There are a lot of freelance activities and with technology so advance and able to help create a professional look, so many people are picking up affordable gadgets and able to work in various fields. So the competition is immense. A studio can also outdo me with costly equipment from lighting to sound, the number cameras, dolly/crane equipment, that I could just not compete with. They also have the space which in my case would be another cost for me or my client.

As an actor, problems being faced at the moment are the lack of funds into the arts and being viewed as Asian and therefore, only being seen for Asian roles can hamper the career as there are not that many Asian theatre companies or productions, yet over the last eight years, the number of Asians going through drama school or directly into the profession has sky rocketed outnumbering the already limited parts that only occasionally crop up.

Why did you choose this style of work? I guess my style is direct yet unconventional. After practice, you do find what style you have. As someone who is not too keen on labelling or pigeon holing combined with the tiredness of seeing the same thing done the same way over and over, you have to find your own voice and your own way.

Creative work through acting or filmmmaking. Fundamentally, story telling in my own way.

What is your vision for your future career path? I hope to continue working as an actor and hopefully be in a position where I am recognised by industry professionals as reliable, creative and always able to give a good performance which in turn should hopefully allow me to have enough work to have a living.

As a filmmaker,  I wish to create innovative stories and concepts by writing intriguing scripts that make an audience think a little bit more without using the text-book approach in story-telling.

Could you offer any useful tips, links or advice for those looking at choosing a portfolio career? Always talk to your client, make them feel at home. Give your advice and understand what they want to achieve.

Links: I like the layout of the behance network: http://www.behance.net/. They proved a link that they call a frame and all your projects appear very clearly with no ads.

As a tip, I think it’s important to accept that some people are just lucky. If, like myself, you have obstacle after obstacle, you may want to give up. This feeling passes and your enthusiasm will come back. If it was all easy, then there wouldn’t be much point in doing anything.

Divian’s portfolio is online:




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