Portfolio Profile: Leela Bunce, Shinetime Laughter Workshops

Please describe your average working week. I’m very pleased to say there never is an ‘average’ week – they are always different. Most days involve some admin at home, usually looking very glam in my dressing gown and big dog slippers, some phone calls and a bit of CBBC for inspiration in my ‘breaks’. When I’m not home, I’m out meeting other performers, buying costume/prop items and, of course, earning money! Leading laughter workshops and performing in cabarets all over the country and Europe!

Oh, and I work in a nursery one day a week with little ones, all under three.  So my week really is spent with people of all ages.

“Mistress of Merriment and Mirth”

What do you love most about this type or work? What motivates you?
The variety is wonderful, I never get bored. There’s never a ‘routine’ and I’m constantly kept on my toes. It’s down to me whether I get work or not and that is when I’m at my most motivated. I probably work more hours than most people, but it’s all on my terms so I don’t mind at all.

What are the biggest challenges facing you as a portfolio worker?
Doing a variety of different jobs sometimes makes it difficult to focus all my energy on something and give it my complete attention. Often I’m lucky, that one month will bring in more of one type of work so I can focus on that more and then the next month it switches to my other work. I’ve become a queen of multi-tasking!

Why did you choose this style of work?
When I’ve had 9 to 5 jobs something inside me wilts… Soul-destroying. I need to be creative and work for myself, and I like to be doing lots of different things that use different skills and help me keep learning and growing. It helps me realise that I really can turn my hand to anything and never pigeon-hole myself. I think that’s really important.

What’s your vision for your future career path?
Keep thinking bigger. Keep taking risks. Keep laughing 🙂

Could you offer any useful tips, links or advice for those looking at choosing a portfolio career? Something I’m learning is just because I’m self-employed doesn’t mean I have to suddenly be good at everything! Get a good network around you to call on for help and support with the things that you’re not so good at.

If you enjoy something and it really brings you joy, then that’s something you should develop!

Leela’s Website:


Laughter workshops and events for better health and happiness! The ultimate “complete wellbeing workout” – discover how laughter can work for you!

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